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Four Handsome Ways to Remain Safe from the attacks of Ransomware!

With the progress of the internet in the modern world of business, there also have been a rising the crimes related to the world of the internet along with the rising progress through the means of the same. With respect to crimes, one of the most popular ways of extracting money from people is through the means of the internet through the means of robbery. The robbery of their data!

The newer means of robbery of data through the means of the internet is known as ransomware. Explain in simple words ransomware is an act where the robbers (hackers) target your computer or laptop and thus steal the essential data from that system. Later these hackers start to ask for a specific amount of ransom to release or unlock that data. To restrict data access to extort money from victims cybercriminals often make use of a binary encryption key.

Four handsome ways to remain safe from the attacks of ransomware!

With the consistent growth of technology, there have been found many ways to stay protected from the attack on ransomware. Among those many ways, the four handsome ways have been mentioned in this blog. The four ways happen to be the following,

1. Backing up of the Data

This happens to be one of the easiest risk mitigation practices. Backing up your data to an external hard drive or cloud server is one of the safest ways of staying protected from the attacks of ransomware. The user can wipe the computer clean in case of a ransom attack and then can reinstall and back up the files. Keeping sufficient copies of your data as a backup is recommended to stay away and stay safe in case of a ransom attack.

2. Keeping the Systems Updated

Be it your operating system, web browser, antivirus or any other software, it is always advised to keep them updated to the latest version available. There has been a continuous evolvement of malware, viruses, and ransomware with new variants that can bypass your old security features. Thus, it is advised to keep the system updated to remain away from any sort of virus attacks. The systems that have not been updated for some time usually happen to be the target of attackers.

3. Installing the Antivirus Software

This is another most important and most convenient method that can be used to stay away and protected from the attacks of ransomware. Although no method can be guaranteed as 100% safe but can keep you protected up to a major extent. Since antivirus software only works at the internal level and can only detect the attack once it is already in the system it is important to ensure that you also configure your firewall.

4. Segmentation of Network

It is important to limit the spread as much as possible in the event of an attack as an attack of ransomware can spread quickly throughout a network. In order to ensure that the organization can isolate the ransomware and prevent it from spreading to other systems, network segmentation divides the network into multiple smaller networks. In order to prevent ransomware from reaching the target data, every individual subsystem needs to have its own security controls, firewalls, and unique access.


Waiting for a ransomware attack to take place on your network to take action may already be too late. It should be understood that a ransomware defence practice starts before any attacks occur. Although no method can provide a 100% guarantee of keeping your system protected from the attacks of ransomware but the aforesaid method ensure that your system remains protected to a maximum extent and thus integrates a sense of security in the minds you as a user of the system!

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