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What is the relation between VPN and Firewall?

Since the age of the growth of the internet, the world has been witnessing the growth in the role of technology in our day-to-day lives. The technology has been playing a prime role in making the world globalized as well as modernized.

But, in the recent days, the world has even been understanding the ill effects of the growth in the technology. On one end, where technology has been improving the life and business of people whereas, on the other end, the same technology has been giving rise to various ill effects in the society. The same technology has been creating criminals in the modern society. Digital fraud, Phishing and Pharming are some of the few crimes that are turning out to be a threat on the part of the technology-centric world.

VPN as it is popularly known is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. VPN and Firewalls, both play a major role in helping the society to remain protected from some of the above mentioned forms of internet crimes. In this blog, we will understand the meaning of VPN and firewall and the relationship between the firewall and Virtual Private Network.

VPN and Firewall

What is meant by a Virtual Private Network or VPN?

A virtual Private Network, popularly known as VPN will alter your network address (IP) by performing the computer address via a remote server to another location or shielding you from getting your private data leaked. This facility of the VPN allows the business firms to work securely from any given remote location without facing the threat of privacy being leaked.

What is a Firewall?

The recent age of the internet comes with its own set of demerits. The day-to-day activities of the internet driven world have been creating an umbrella of opportunities but have also been propelling their own set of demerits. Thus, has been the introduction of firewalls. The technology has been playing a major role in protecting the world from the threats of internet crimes. Obstructing a legitimate-looking site that tends to acquire the user’s personal information has been the prime objective of the technology of firewall. The technology has been playing a very efficient role in protecting the digital data with a set of protective walls.

Types of Firewalls

There exist two types of firewalls named hardware firewalls and software firewalls.

  • Hardware Fireballs – These are the physical devices that are been placed between the internet and the computer. Hardware fireballs are separate devices that often require professional support for configuration and maintenance and this happens to be the prime disadvantage of the hardware fireballs.
  • Software Fireballs – Unlike hardware, the software fireballs are digital in nature. These fireballs are able to control the internet access and behaviour of programs on the computer. Even though a majority of operating systems (OSs) include a basic built-in software firewall feature these digital fireballs are also available separately from computer stores and trusted online vendors. 

Relation between Virtual Private Network and Firewall

Through the means of a firewall one can find access to the Internet effectively but the penetration to the unknown site is blocked by technology in an effective manner. On the other hand, encryption of remote access and networks is made possible through the means of a VPN. The following happens to be the relationship between the technology and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

  • Through the means of building a strong protective wall to protect users’ confidential data, the technology of a firewall plays a prime role in protecting the private digital data of the user. The technology of a Virtual Private Network, on the other hand, protects the user’s location by not let it known to other digital users through the means of creating a proxy network for a secure connection.
  • A virtual private network or VPN with a secure connection allows the user to find access to the restricted sites. On the other hand, the technology of a firewall can only create a layer of restrictions that you have accessed. This does not mean that one technology is inferior to the other. Both firewalls and VPNs equally play a major role in protecting the data of the users.
  • On one end the technology of VPN can access the same site over a long period of time whereas the technology of firewall on the other end makes use of the user’s choice to block access to certain sites.
  • The technologies of VPN and firewall have their own set of different functionalities. On one part the technology of a firewall focuses on blocking websites at the same time the technology of a VPN primly focuses on a private connection.
  • The technology of VPN keeps your location secure but at the same time, it can’t block viruses. And, that work is been effectively performed by the technology of firewall. Thus, it is advised to include both firewall and VPN in protecting your digital business data.

End Note

The protection of your data plays a major role in the growth of your business firm. Internet criminals often will be continuously in search of the systems that are not protected through the means of digital security. The crimes such as ransomware attacks on the computers of various business computer systems are a result of the systems being unprotected through various security types. Even though no technology can guarantee 100% security to your system but the technology of VPN and fireballs will ensure the protection to a major extent. Thus, it is always advised on the part of the firms to integrate the technology of VPN as well as firewall t ensure a safer running of your business system.

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