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Benefits of Integrating Tally in your Small Business

Running a business in the modern days of automation has always been difficult aware. The fast-paced environment of business has always been creating a dynamic situation leading businesses to always be at the tip of their toys in order to occupy their potential customers better than their competitors. Thus, it has been the need of the hour in the current environment to integrate automation in the business process irrespective of the size of your business. This is where the software of Tally comes in handy. The umbrella of advantages that the software emits helps on the part of businesses to explore themselves at a better pace and helps in leaning on the path to success. In this blog, we will understand the 10 not to miss reasons for integrating software of Tally in your small business.

10 Not to Miss Benefits of Integrating Tally in your Small Business

A complete Reliability

Tally ensures a secure and safe backup of all data types on the cloud for any business and thus is termed to be one of the best software for business management in the current scenario of automation. The reliability of the security of this software can be assured even if your system turns off by itself while working on an important task. The software of the Tally database owns the ability to run the quality data integrity at regular intervals. User-level access and controls can be found and can be given through the means of configuring the settings related to User Management.

Appropriate Business Planning

The tally software has been proving to be immensely helpful for small business firms to manage and study the records and data later. Small firms can study them in future when it process to be very much important. During that time, the firms can take necessary actions and can frame appropriate plans with the help of the data stored in the software of Tally. With this software, business planning can become simpler, faster, and more efficient. And thus, the firms can operate their businesses even more freely and can run their firms at a better pace.

Utmost Security

The software of Tally ERP 9 affords robust data security. An essential function that tally ERP performs is that the business data can be backed up automatically. It also includes a better security system which enables the users to store their data with utmost security without the hassle of losing it to any third party. All your important findings will be preserved in this software with utmost care.

Global Management of Data

Tally software can be utilized to handle the data of an organization globally. It drives together all branches and makes common calculations for the organization at large. So no matter where the location of an employee has access, it will remain the same throughout.

Easy Filing of Taxes

The GST feature of Tally assures that the firm complies with all the norms with respect to GST. Be it the TDS returns, VAT filing, service tax returns, excise tax and profit and loss statements for all small businesses the software of Tally takes care of it in a proper manner. One of the most impressive features of the latest Tally software has been that it marks vouchers where the changes can be done during the process of invoice matching. The list of altered vouchers can be utilized for the updating of the books without any hassle about overwriting data or appended transactions getting wiped out.

Easy Budget Management

Small business firms function with a budget in mind. The software of Tally comes in handy on the part of the companies to work and understand the expenses bearing in mind the total budget that has been allotted. This makes sure that the organization does not indulge in overspending the budget resulting in the loss of the company. Thus, budget management of the company can be handled easily through the means of the Tally software as the software helps businesses in defining the budget for cost centres and track expenses against the budgets.

Easy Inventory Management

Depending upon the need of your business, through the means of tally software, you can create more than one godown and track stock godown-wise. Creating multiple price lists for your business in order to manage various types of customers is possible through the means of this business-friendly software. Thus, it is easy to manage stocks in batches and access stock summary reports to view the stock position.

Easy Document Access

With an umbrella of features Tally saves all documents such as all bills, receipts, invoices, and vouchers through its archive folder. It provides faster access to all of your documents that will be saved to you. All billing-related files can be retrieved immediately. Through the means of Tally, the HR department of your company can lower the burden of finding things manually and thus the software proves to be very much effective in upgrading the pace of the working of an organization.

Easy Banking Transactions

Through the means of the Tally software, it is very handy to handle business transactions directly through the means of bank statements. All you have to do is to upload the soft copy of the bank statement to the software. You will get the list of reconciled transactions within a few seconds depending on the reference numbers. It is also important to note that the software of Tally supports transactions made in the form of e-Payments with multiple banks.

Audit Compliance Tool

The software of Tally happens to be an audit tool as it can function regularly in the audit of the companies at regular intervals. The software undergoes a thorough compliance check during the beginning of the financial year and assures that all the monetary transactions are been carried out in a smoother manner without any hassle.


Apart from being cost-effective and time-saving the software of Tally also assures better accuracy in the management of any business. It ensures the digitalisation of bills and signatures, thus making the business remain up-to-date with the most modern technology. With the help of Tally ERP 9, the smallest business person can also manage his/her firm, manage records of customer bills and handle financial transactions efficiently within a lesser timeframe.

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